Guys...Show her how much you love her!

This app enables you to uniquely know and effectively love her. You simply record information as it comes to mind and as she shares things with you. Then, you don’t forget gift and date ideas, sizes, important dates, favorite things or tasks to do. The app organizes all the information so it is easy to find and implement.Don't believe me? Try it and see....

Here are some of the features this App offers:

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Have Information at Your Fingertips

Important dates, gift ideas, clothing sizes, and all sorts of thoughtful information about your woman is right here at your fingertips. This is the purpose of the App, and it will help you be more intentional and thoughtful when loving her through your actions. And she'll love you for paying attention to the details!
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Keep a List of Her Favorite Things

Music, Books, Clothing Stores, and more! When it comes time to surprise your lady with something nice, you'll know exactly what she likes and where to go! Just scroll through a list of her favorite stores, and go find her something she'll enjoy! (p.s. You'll also have a list of her clothing sizes too if you've used it to it's fullest advantage)
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Become Better at Giving Gifts

If she enjoys reading, you'll want to remember what type of books and authors she enjoys. That way you'll be able to bless her with her favorite author's latest release! You can record all types of other great gift ideas when you think of them too. Did you see a concert coming up in a few months that you know she would love to attend? Jot it down in here.
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Make Planning Dates Easier and More Thoughtful

With most men, ideas come and go...and we're horrible at planning things like date nights. So we usually wait till the last minute, and fail horribly. Now there's a specific place to write down ideas that pertain to future events when you think of them (like that cool restaurant you read about last week that you thought she would really like).
Music Notes

Serve Her Well

One of the best ways to love someone is to serve them well. It's one thing to say "I love you", but it's a greater thing to show it. Use the "To-Do" feature of this App to write down things you could do to bless your lady when you think of them. Notice her car is a mess? Make a "To-Do" that reminds you to clean it out for her on your next day off.